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SmileHigh's mission is to reduce the level of dental cavities in all Nepalese children living in remote communities which will in turn increase their standard of living.

SmileHigh is the dental aid organisation that dentists, Julian Haszard and Mingma Sherpa co-founded in Nepal in 2003.

Both Julian and Mingma observed the dire dental health of the children in the Everest region due to the change in diet from Western influences.

Julian obtained publicity for the initial project funding through his successful climb of Mt Everest in May 2004 and this publicity brought much needed support for the project from a number of companies and private donors including guidance from Sir Edmond and Lady Hillary.

Julian was lucky to be given direct advice and guidance from Sir Edmund and Lady Hillary during the development of the organisation.

SmileHigh dental professionals travel to remote areas of Nepal and set up a basic clinic. Every child is given a free examination followed by treatment where necessary, with a focus on saving primary second molars and permanent teeth.

Since 2003 SmileHigh has helped over two thousand children and adults with their dental health, most with continuing care.


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