tools of the trade


Some see straight teeth, we see confidence off the scale. At Total Orthodontics in Taranaki, we realise that technology is powerful and useful for creating world-class smiles. Today we use digital imaging to help us identify problems, explain findings and improve treatment outcomes. There are also a number of 'tools of the trade' that may be recommended as part of your treatment plan.


The Finishing Touch

We strongly recommend that you wear your retainers on an on-going basis to give your teeth every chance of remaining straight.

To make it as hassle free as possible we suggest you find a time that best suits you. This might be every night, one night a week, at weekends or just when you are at home. How often you wear your retainer will be advised by us and need to be gauged by you as there is no one size fits all recommendation.

As a rule of thumb, if your retainers feel tight or you can see or feel that individual teeth are moving, then you should increase the times that you wear your retainers.

Because your teeth and gums continue to change as you age, without retainers they may not remain straight. So the longer you wear your retainers the more likely you will be to retain straight teeth.


  • What if I have a fixed retainer?

    The same principle applies. In other words the longer the fixed retainer is left in place, the greater the chances of those particular teeth remaining straight.

    It is also really important that you keep your fixed retainer clear of plaque with regular tooth brushing and to remind your dentist to check the condition of the retainer from time to time during your regular dental check-ups.

    If you require replacement retainers in the future, please contact us. A charge will apply for either replacement removable or fixed retainers.