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Early treatment options


We’re big supporters of prevention and early treatment which is why we have made our review appointments free of charge.

If you’re a parent concerned about your child’s teeth, we encourage you to come and see us early - it can help save you money, and your child extra orthodontic work, in the long run.

  • Early treatment can offer

    Improved space for erupting teeth

    Improved facial balance and symmetry

    Simplify and/or avoid the need for treatment later

    Reduced need for removal of teeth

    Improved external appearance reducing the potential for self esteem issues.

    Use of removable plates rather than fixed braces 

Jaw growth is an underlying cause for many orthodontic problems. Extensive research has been conducted into the impact of orthodontic treatment on jaw growth modification and results confirm that timing of treatment is critical. For example; in some cases treatment must commence before 10 years of age while for others, treatment should coincide with the adolescent growth spurt.

Orthodontists have extensive training and experience in recognising growth patterns, which will respond most favourably to specific treatments. If you are concerned your child has an orthodontic problem it is best to come and see us earlier rather than later. We provide complimentary review appointments, so our patients and parents can benefit from some timely advice.

If early treatment is not recommended, we will carefully monitor facial growth and dental development to ensure any treatment commences at the ideal time.