Having a great smile can give you that extra boost of confidence that makes all the difference in life.


Some see straight teeth, we see confidence off the scale.

If you look around you, it’s not hard to spot a teenager undergoing some form of orthodontic treatment.

At Total Orthodontics we see more teenage patients than any other group, so we’ve made sure our practice works in nicely with you.

  • Designed with teenagers in mind

    The majority of appointments are at the start of the day or after school.

    We fit in as many appointments during school holidays as possible.

    We offer a full range of modern braces options for teenagers including:

    - Stainless steel braces with a huge choice of popular colours.

    - Cosmetic tooth coloured braces which are more discreet.

    - Empower reduced friction self-ligating braces.

    - Invisalign® clear aligners.

    - Incognito hidden braces.

    We actively involve you every step of the way with the latest digital technology. This allows us to show each patient exactly what we plan to do and how we plan to do it.